The Show Must Go On

Gil Miller is one of our clients and a dang good writer–any wonder we like him?

The Book of Writing

At this point, we’ve gone through the galleys twice and my publisher, Pen-L, has ordered proofs.

Just to let you know how Pen-L does it, the galley was a pdf document. I’m not sure how it was in the old days, but the electronic frontier has no doubt streamlined some things about publishing. I suspect galleys used to be loose sheets of the printed book, but that’s just supposition on my part. I do know that advance reader copies were once printed books that might or might not look like the final product. I have an advance reader copy of California Girl by T. Jefferson Parker. It’s a trade paperback, and has a sidebar on the back that tells the different promo packages that will be available to retailers. It also includes a note that there might be mistakes inside and that it doesn’t represent the final formatting.

In my…

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