New Release from Oghma Creative Media:If I Make My Bed in Hell by Ava Norwood

Ava Norwood’s

If I Make My Bed in Hell


Reared in the harsh discipline and judgment of the Tabernacle of the Living Word, young Annabeth Showers endures unspeakable humiliations and physical abuse. She fears her church, her parents, and the vicious God the Tabernacle serves. She believes marriage to Roger Hogan is her door to freedom.

But matrimony to an older man she barely knows is not the escape Annabeth imagines, and she is irrevocably locked into a dark world of fear and dissatisfaction.  Her body is under his control, but her mind and spirit rebel. Once she has a brief taste of true joy, she employs every tactic she can muster to leave her crippling existence, even if it means bloodshed.

Even if it means death.

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“Religion is the guise for these wolves in saints’ clothing. If I Make My Bed in Hell is a brutal, yet hopeful, story of innocence lost and the consequences of daring to defy one’s fate. A brooding tale of fractured faith and tortured trust..” M.G. Miller Author of Bayou Jesus and Seven Devils

“Breathless—the harrowingly vivid saga of Annabeth Hogan will hold the reader hostage until the last page is read.” Parris Afton Bonds Author of Snow and Ice

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