That’s Not Me, She’s Someone Else

Oghma Author, Velda Brotherton, creates memorable female characters and tells why in this blog post. Get ready for her next book, A Savage Grace, coming in September.

Velda Brotherton

Young ladies 1800s Young ladies 1800s

I’m reading a lot recently about why we write what we write, and just how much of our own personal life ends up in our novels. This is an interesting and involved subject. The more I thought about it after it was brought up by Jerry Hogan in his workshop at OWL, the more I realized I was not actually recreating myself over and over in my books. I was going a step further.

He wanted to know how much of ourselves we wrote about, but I dug deeper and saw that, I stopped writing about myself after my first few novels, but I never stopped recreating female characters I wanted to be like. As I delved into each one, from the protagonists in my western historical romances, to the woman possessed by a demon in my latest, A Savage Grace, coming out in late September, and…

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