Oghma Author, John T. Biggs, to be Interviewed on LAtalk Radio

White man’s power runs through copper wires. When the wire is cut, Sacred Alarm clocktheir clocks all stop, Geronimo whispers to Wylie E. Chatto, a mentally challenged young Apache man. Soon, Chatto smells rosemary—the scent of complicated things, of trouble brewing on an electric stove.

Electricity is the first to go. Then gasoline. Then law and order.

For the tribes of Oklahoma, the collapse of civilization meant things were finally getting back to normal.


Mark your Calendars. The Sacred Alarm Clock by John T. Biggs will be released on September 10 by Oghma Creative Media.  At 10 p.m. CST on that evening, John will be interviewed on the Writers Block, an LAtalk Radio show. If you miss the live interview, fear not. It will be available as a podcast Here.

Pretty exciting to have an Oghma author on live radio from the West Coast. Must mean we’ve hit the big time!

Fire up the old Victrola and see what John has to say–and, of course, grab a copy of the Sacred Alarm Clock as soon as it’s available.



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