Going Back to the Past

Oghma Publishing Director, Gil Miller’s latest post.

The Book of Writing

At this writing, I’m reading Signal by Patrick Lee. This isn’t a review, or even a recommendation as such, though I’ve read a couple others by him and have to say he’s a good writer.

Ft Irwin Ft Irwin

I guess this is more like a reminisce.

The book opens at the site of a freshly burned trailer south of Barstow, California, out in the middle of the Mojave Desert, at something like four in the morning. An FBI agent has been called to the scene because it has to do with a child predator she’s been tracking for some time now.

As she steps out of her car, she’s assaulted by the smells, one in particular reaching out to her: burnt flesh. Before she approaches the trailer, however, she takes a look around, seeing the smudge of lights that is Barstow to her north, and to the west, the lights of…

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