A NEW BEGINNING IN 2015: Fall Writing/Speaking Agenda

Oghma Author, Peggy Chambers, has a busy schedule. Mark your calendar to attend one of her speaking or book signing events.

Peggy Chambers "Views from the Hammock" site

calendar    Fall is a time of rest.  Foliage turns bright colors as the cool nights meet the bright sun of day.  People venture forth from their air conditioned homes and offices more in tuned to nature and its last offerings of bounty. The tomatoes on my vines are abundant with blossoms and small green globes.  Maybe there will be fried green tomatoes soon.

With all this venturing forth came a full calendar at my house and I am thrilled.  I have a schedule of presentations and book signings from September until January and would love to do more.

September 15, 2015 the Life Long Learning Institute at Central Christian Church in Enid has asked me to discuss writing to a group of 55 year-old plus who are interested in continuing their education.  I am beginning with “setting” because all stories must have one.  The classes are every Tuesday in…

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