You Have No Life, You Should Get a Blog

Out intrepid leader, Casey Cowan, has joined the blogosphere! I know you all have loads of advice for him. Don’t hesitate to give him tips and ideas 🙂 He so loves to hear those!


“You should blog.”

“Everybody’s doing it.”

“If you’re a writer, you should be putting yourself out there.”

Come on, you’ve all heard these lines how many times? Hell, as a publisher myself, I’ve probably uttered them about a hundred times. Blog, blog, BLOG!

I fought it for a long time. I absolutely refused to give in to the peer pressure. I’ve never even tried pot, you want me to do what? Do you know what kind of effects blogging has on you in the long run?

And, let’s face it… a blog is a big commitment. You have to host it, feed it, show it love and affection. I’m sure there are many proud blog owners out there who bathe and groom their babies, enter them in contests, dress them up in reindeer antlers at Christmas and take cute pictures with them. But is it for me? I just don’t…

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