Skye (Graphic Novels)

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Skye Press is a traditional publisher reaching out to authors and artists who don’t want to take the self-publishing route. We provide a team of editors, designers, and marketers to help bring your work to its finished form. Our goal is to develop relationships with our authors and artists.

What We’re Looking For: We want to tell good stories and share those stories with others. We’re looking for graphic novels (graphic fiction or nonfiction of significant length – in other words, not monthly issues of a title). We’re not looking for superhero fiction as there’s enough of that on the stands and we’re not planning to compete with Marvel and DC…yet. Other than that, the “Skye” is the limit.

What We Pay: We’re a traditional publisher. We pay royalties—a percentage of sales after production costs. Our royalty split is 50% for Oghma/Skye, 50% for the writer/artist split as the team sees fit across the board for all formats: e-book, hardcopy, etc. For subsidiary rights—motion picture, television and other dramatic reproductions including, but not limited to web series and stage performances, etc.—that split changes to 40/60 (40% for Oghma/Skye, 60% for the writer/artist split as the team sees fit).

What Rights We Give To You: Our standard contract covers the right to publish the graphic novel. We request several additional rights: translation, serial, audio, dramatic reproductions, and the inclusion of the Work (including as a selection or shortened) in Oghma/Skye-branded anthologies. Our standard contract is for three years from the date of publication.

How To Submit Your Work: At this time, we only accept electronic submissions.

Completed Work: A submission from a team (writer/artist/colorist, etc.) goes to the top of the pile.

Please send the entire manuscript (can be a link to a shared drive or PDF file)., with a cover letter and a one-page synopsis of the work. The cover letter should be mainly information about yourself and who referred you to us. Other information should include (but is not limited to) why you wrote the manuscript and the genesis of the idea for the manuscript.

  • Put “SUB: Attn. Michael Frizell – ” at the start of the subject line and then the title of your work.
  • The one-page synopsis needs to be the basic summary of the story, all the major plot lines, and the major character (or characters). Remember that we’re the publisher, not the audience, so tell us what happens and explain why we’d be interested and cut to the chase.
  • Your email should include your name and a short biography. We will let you know that your manuscript has been received, but expect up to three months or more for our editors to review a manuscript.
  • If you have questions about your submission, or need to make a change (like a different email address, change of name, or you sent us the wrong file), put “QUERY: Attn. Michael Frizell” at the beginning of the subject line of the email.
  • If for any reason you need to withdraw your submission, please email us as soon as possible with “WITHDRAW” at the beginning of the subject line.

Looking For Projects: We are currently seeking writers to team with artists and artists to team with writers. If you’re a writer without an artist or an artist without a writer, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Writers: In addition to the information above, if you have a completed script – great! Send it as a .doc, .docx, rtf, or plain-text attachment.
  • Artists: We want to see at least five pages that are fully inked and lettered. Color is optional. Don’t send pin-ups – we’re looking for sequential art that tells a story. Artwork can be tough to copy, so please make sure the reproduction quality is high. In your email, tell us what sort of story you’d like to illustrate.


Send Submission To: