Pamela Foster

Pamela FosterThirty years ago, a gifted, dedicated author who was very lucky might sign a contract with a publishing company who believed in their talent enough to both develop their writing and to promote them. Those days are long gone.  New York publishing houses are not interested these days in much of anything that comes out of the “fly-over states,” and while some small presses are honest and hardworking, promotion is left almost exclusively to the author.

Oghma Creative Media has changed all that.  Their business plan includes publishing beautifully written, professionally edited books with striking covers and, even more rare, formatting details reminiscent of the glory days of publishing. Oghma promotes its authors by setting up library and speaking tours, providing well-designed book teasers, flyers, posters, banners. And, possibly most important of all, while most small presses are content to sell books to their authors and hope some sales come in through Amazon, Oghma actually sells books directly to bookstores and libraries.

I highly recommend that any author looking not for a one book deal, but for a writing career, get in touch with Oghma Creative Media.

Pamela Foster
Author of Noisy Creek


One thought on “Pamela Foster

  1. Very well spoken, heartfelt and informative. A recommendation from an an author I highly recommend.
    Good job, Pam. As always, I come away from words you have written with much to think about.
    Love ya, Julie


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